UK Tennis Calls On Deloitte For Boost

August 24, 2020

- Grant Whittington

The impact of a deadly global health catastrophe that has to date claimed the lives of more than 700,000 people world-wide has taken a major toll on the sports industry. So much so that some sports organisations are reporting losses running into the billions of pounds. And it’s a financial storm, say those on the receiving end of the dilemma, that isn’t the type of crisis expected to blow over anytime soon.

While some leagues and clubs have been slightly luckier than others, benefiting from the use of so-called “bio bubbles”, non-team sports haven’t had it quite as easy sailing. UK tennis governing body the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) is but one among hundreds of others trying desperately to come up with creative new ways to make ends meet.

The association says it’s called on a miracle from international auditing firm Deloitte.

Vital New Initiative

The LTA late has confirmed having approached the firm to help with the development of several digital solutions all focused on creating more interest from and engagement by fans and the UK public at large.

Greater participation by players themselves, as well as enhanced user experiences, are part and parcel of the initiative’s goals too. The LTA says it hopes to achieve increased participation and engagement by relying on and engaging with a spur of brand-new technologies not yet before made use of within its own context of operations. The organisation also said that it hopes to learn from Deloitte’s extensive digital transformation expertise, having for too long now relied on mainly manual means of managing simple tasks such as booking a tennis court, locating a regional coach, or even just finding a partner to play tennis with.

Deloitte’s Role And Function

Deloitte’s role will be that of making certain improvements to the organisation’s existing website and online presence. The multi-dimensional giant will in addition to the improvements planned for the LTA’s existing domain, also create several new web pages all focused on inclusivity and establishing a well-rounded online presence. The idea is is essentially then modernisation by cutting-edge digital technology.

If a new generation is going to be attracted to play tennis, so says Deloitte’s director of sports business, namely Tim Bridge, then clubs, stakeholder businesses, and also the players themselves, will have to become a great deal more supportive of new interest show in the sport.

Said Bridge, the idea at the very core of Deloitte’s intention of working this closely with the UK tennis association, is so as to ensure that modern new technologies are developed, and that mentioned development is actually backed by insight into the industry coupled with expertise focused specifically on the global and national tennis community. This, said Bridge, will support the sport for many more decades – even centuries – to come.

Wide Application Area

An additional, and certainly crucial, function of any new technologically advanced tennis system developed by Deloitte, will be that of eradicating further the ill of match-fixing. A lack of integrity in global tennis appears to be a particularly sticky thorn in the sport’s side.

By implementing intelligent data analysis, Deloitte’s new LTA-focused systems will hopefully see to it that match-fixing in the UK soon becomes a thing of the distant past.

And the truly great thing to have come of all of this is that those systems to be developed by the industry giant for tennis and for the LTA, are applicable across all sports groups – which is to say they aren’t useful to tennis and to tennis only.

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