Tennis’ TISB Announces Expanded Panel

September 08, 2020

- Bradley Stott

Anti-corruption sports body the Tennis Integrity Supervisory Board (TISB) has now significantly expanded its reach and human resources profile by having added several additional members to its independent panel of legal experts. Also, in addition to the new appointments, the organisation has also confirmed having re-appointed four of its former so-called “anti-corruption hearing officers” (AHOs).

Expert new additions include lawyers Raj Parker, Amani Khalifa, and Janie Soubliére, all of whom will going forward be tasked with acting in their new capacities as adjudicators and members of the board’s disciplinary hearings panel for professional tennis.

Introducing The New Appointees

Raj Parker, a lawyer currently based at Matrix Chambers in London, England, is an experienced legal expert in the field of sports law. He has more than 30 years’ experience in his chosen field and has in the past served in the capacity of deputy chair for the English Premier League judicial panel. In addition to the time spent serving the EPL, Parker is also a former Court of Arbitration for Sport panellist.

Janie Soubliére, originally from Montréal, Canada, is equally experienced in the competitive field of sports law. Soubliére currently works as a consultant in anti-doping legislation, as well as in the capacity of investigator of sport-related allegations. She furthermore enjoys a seat on several dispute resolution panels – including the World Athletics Disciplinary Tribunal, the Court of Arbitration for Sport, and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Third up is Dubai-based Amani Khalifa, who is a recognised and celebrated specialist in arbitration law. A member of the Freshfields Dispute Resolution Group, Khalifa occupies a seat on the Basketball Arbitration Tribunal. Khalifa has in her capacity as experienced sole arbitrator, presided over more than 40 high-profile international cases.

Larger Workload Anticipated

TISB independent chairperson Jennie Price has in the meantime explained the decision to increase the number of experts currently serving on the judiciary panel as the result of a realised need to add to the existing portfolio of experts additional talent. This, said Price, resulting from an expectation related to a significant increase in disciplinary hearings come 2021.

Price explained said expectation as having originated from the board’s close involvement with a large number of Europe-based disciplinary hearings. That which is currently happening in Europe, said Price, is an indication of an increased workload on the local front in 2021. Said new talent additions will according to the chair help the board to better manage the aforementioned larger workload anticipated in terms of the year to come.

Four Re-Appointments Confirmed

In terms of the mentioned re-appointments, the board has elected to re-commission the expert services of Jane Mulcahy QC, Professor Richard McLaren OC, Ian Mill QC, and Charles Hollander QC. Said persons have all been re-appointed as AHOs on the tennis integrity board.

The four mentioned legal experts have during their previous terms serving the board, being from 2009 up until the present day, overseen more than 100 disciplinary hearings resulting from formal TISB complaints procedures and investigations.

All four of the re-appointed legal experts have served the leading tennis integrity board ever since its inception. This, more than anything else, explained Price, was what had ultimately led the board in its decision to ask all four esteemed legal professionals to continue in their former roles and positions.  

The ongoing endeavours of the TISB have resulted in the eradication from the sport numerous elements of a corrupt nature. The re-appointment of the abovementioned experts, alongside the talented new additions to the board, will continue to ensure that tennis remains a world-class sport and one as free as practically possible from discreditation.

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