Roger Federer Hopes For Post-Knee Surgery Comeback


- Grant Whittington

Swiss tennis champ Roger Federer hopes that brighter days are ahead as he aims to back a comeback next season.

Speaking at a Mercedes-Benz sponsor event in Zurich, the 40-year-old player said that he is still undergoing rehabilitation following his third surgery on his right knee, and that he has yet to start training. He explained that he plans to return to conditioning and to playing matches as soon as possible, although he is under no illusions that he will have to make the journey “step by step.”

Confident that he has overcome the worst aspects of the injury and treatment process, Federer said that he is looking forward to what lies ahead.

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An Ongoing Problem

Federer has not had good luck with his knees in recent years. In 2016, he had a procedure on his left knee. The first six months of 2020 saw him undergo two surgeries on his right knee. The most recent surgical procedure on the same knee happened after Wimbledon this year.

According to reports, the player told attendees that every day was better and exciting when recovering from an injury. He added that his mental health had not suffered due to his absence from the game.

Federer added that, although he hasn’t been playing, he has been keeping up with what’s happening in the tennis world. He elaborated that he enjoyed seeing Rod Laver watch Novak Djokovic’s attempt to complete the Grand Slam at the US Open, even if the match ended in victory for Daniil Medvedev.

Despite that defeat, Federer described Novak’s performance this year as “truly exceptional.” Federer also attended the Laver Cup this month. As much as he enjoyed the event, the player said he felt hurt to not be able to participate for the first time since its launch three years ago. He added that he hopes to take part in the tournament in London next season.

The tennis world is waiting with bated breath to see how Federer performs after he returns to the court. After all, his last big win happened in Basel in 2019.

An Iconic Rivalry

Federer’s interest in Djokovic’s recent performance isn’t surprising, given that theirs is one of the great rivalries of the modern game. For a time, the Serbian player was a contender for the calendar Grand Slam, an accolade that eventually went to Medvedev after the US Open final defeat.

Far from reveling in his rival’s misfortune, Federer said that he thinks Djokovic might stand a chance to aim for the calendar Grand Slam again one day. He explained that he and Rafael Nadal also came close to it, and that achieving it would take perseverance, strength, and a bit of luck.

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