Elon Musk Tweets About Buying Manchester United


- Grant Whittington

A controversial tweet by entrepreneur billionaire Elon Musk has raised more questions about the future of Manchester United FC. The Tesla pioneer made news headlines when he claimed on social media that he is buying the Premier League club.

Musk gave no indication as to his feelings about the possible departure of striker Cristiano Ronaldo, nor did he comment on coach Eric ten Hag’s unconventional stance of passing out from the back.

Fans Are Desperate

But with the team practically stuck to the bottom of the Premier League rankings following a shocking 4-0 away defeat at the hands of Brentford, many fans were encouraged by Musk’s tweet – fans who would mostly be more than eager to see the back of the FC’s current owners, the Glazer family.

Even so, Musk’s tendency to make impulsive tweets is no secret. It remains to be seen whether he’s serious about purchasing the club, or merely stirring the pot.

Acquiring full ownership of Manchester United would set Musk back at least £2 billion. The club is one of the biggest football clubs in the world, and certainly won’t go cheaply.

Man U’s on-pitch struggles have led to an increase in unhappiness among fans with the current ownership structure. The Glazer family has been in charge of the club since 2005. They acquired ownership in a leveraged deal and parted with £790 million in return for full control and ownership.

The anti-Glazer push is now nothing new for the club and its owners. This controversy gained further momentum in 2021 after the club was involved in a failed push to form a breakaway European Super League.

Troubling Days Ahead

But Musk’s financial capacity aside, such a takeover would likely lead to a case of “from bad to worse”. The entrepreneur is known for his controversial remarks and style of management, not to mention a poor track record with market regulators.

Following his tweet about buying Manchester United, many fans were quick to point out his earlier promise to buy Twitter for $44 billion. This deal ended up falling flat on its face in July. Fans appear to be torn between optimism about possible change for the struggling club, and Musk’s well-known volatility.

Right now, things could not go worse for Erik ten Hag. The club opened their season by losing to two unfancied FC’s in spectacularly embarrassing fashion. The awful start to the season could mean serious trouble for the remainder of it.

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