Victor Arias Outlines New Betting Sites Challenges


- Grant Whittington

Speaking at last week’s SBC Summit Latinoamérica in Miami, Pragmatic Play VP LatAm Victor Arias focused his address on those areas bound to present the biggest challenges to new betting sites and other into the booming sports betting and iGaming markets.

Arias, who focused his contribution on localisation, was joined on the keynote panel by Vibra Gaming chief executive officer Ramiro Atucha, Bichara & Motta lawyer Udo Seckelmann, Abdala Advogados lawyer Sergio Garcia alves, and Princeton Public Affairs Group moderating partner Bill Pascrell III.

According to Arias, the most important thing to keep in mind whenever a conversation about localisation is had, is an attempt to be as flexible as possible. This, said Arias, remains the most important to consider when wanting to become a new betting sites market role-player, and because of the particular issues around localisation in specifically Latin America as a unique region.

Arias added that flexibility remains one of the most important characteristics for Pragmatic Play as it attempts to localise its own team as well as extend knowledge and information to the company’s partners working at a local level.

Number 1 Challenge Is Talent

But Arias spanned his net a little wider by commenting also on countries not yet fully regulated, but currently considering this as a possibility for the near future. He said these countries include Panama, Argentina, and Colombia – countries that are currently attracting a great deal of interest as well as expectations from potential role-players.

Linking up in the conversation had been moderator and iGaming partner Bill Pascrell, who said talent sourcing, too, remained a significant challenge for new betting sites – and especially so when comparing what is currently happening in North America to the situation in Latin America.

Pascrell said a major challenge currently facing the industry is a shortage of qualified employees and partners, with which opinion Arias agreed.

Arias said this lack of expertise and talent was, in fact, possibly the number one challenge right now.

Knowledge Isn’t Enough

In his response, Arias used a personal reference as example.

He said when he was first brought to the local market by Pragmatic Play, his very first task (and challenge) had been to form a local team across Latin America. He said starting out, he had highly experienced people as well as people with no experience at all. He explained how he had to train the latter group in a way that would give them a better understanding of exactly how the local industry works and how new betting site’s function.

Arias said this had been challenge that involved not only bringing the people, but also the culture to the sports betting industry.

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