Massimino Makes Overtime Count In Dev Golf Final


- Grant Whittington

For Roland Massimino, re-earning his PGA TOUR Latinoamerica card would have meant a job well done in the Dev Series Final in Riviera Nayarit, Mexico. But little did he realise that after posting a 6-under-66 finish at 16-under wouldn't be the last of it for the golf competition.

While walking off 18 with his card in his pocket would have been more than good enough for Massimino, unbeknownst to him, there would be more golf to play in a Playoff. And it would be a Playoff seeing him to his first professional career victory. New betting sites have now sat up and taken notice of the player as his win changes things somewhat.

An Unexpected Playoff

Commenting on his big golf win this week, the 24-year-old spoke of how an appearance in the Playoff had initially caught him off-guard. He had no idea he'd be included in the final group and so, when his name got announced, he said he quickly made his way to the range and hit a few balls to warm back up. And it all worked out quite nicely in the end.

While initial leader Jaime Lopez Rivarola appeared to have it all under control on Sunday, he'd ultimately been unable to keep up the pace. After a five-shot lead through 54 holes, his performance took a sudden nosedive on Sunday when he failed for the first time to shoot an eagle at the par-5 14th.

After that, it would take no more than a double bogey at the 16th hole to dop him to 16-under.

Being between clubs, and with the pin hidden to the right, Rivarola said he had a difficult lie on the fairway. But the tough lie aside, he still managed to keep going even after landing his approach shot in the water.

Sudden Death At Number 18

By the time the golf action had reached the point of overtime, it would be Massimino and Rivarola squaring it off at the 18th tee. With a monstrous body of water to the left, and 612 yards to cover under par-5, the heat was properly on for both players.

After Rivarola managed to match Massimino's par on their first try at the hole, his second drive veered way left and into the water. And Massimino needed no more than that for making a 5 and securing the win, thrilling new betting sites fans with a single swing.

The Pennsylvanian said Sunday's golf victory meant a lot to him, especially after everything that's happened over the last couple of years. He said he'd been working hard to get to the point of bagging his entry to next year's PGA TOUR Latinoamerica.

And it has clearly paid off. Now betting on him could pay off for golf bettors too.

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