Man U Signs Trio of Players

October 08, 2020

- Bradley Stott

Manchester United CEO Ed Woodward is finally on the business-in-the-bag side of a particularly painful transfer window. And it’s a shopping spree that’s managed to dip into the good, the great, and perhaps even a bit of the hoping this all works out in the end.

It isn’t as if Woodward managed to fair too poorly given all that he’s had to work with in his particular trolley push. This was a shopping trip coming off a stage set by two home defeats (Crystal Palace, then Tottenham Hotspur), which defeats were the cherry on a cake baked out of the indiscretions of captain Harry Maguire and Mason Greenwood. The joy of having fought their way into third place in last season’s Premier League now practically forgotten is without the doubt the work of everything that has happened since.

And to make matters even worse, literally all of that could have been easily prevented had human error not been given free reign to party exactly as it pleased.

Two Out Of Three Not Bad

With that having been said, those players recently transferred in by United are bound to strengthen not only the squad, but also in particular the starting XI.

There are a couple of sure-fire hits, and then there are some possible misses too. But all in all, there seems to be only a single possible flop, which, given the ever-changing dynamics of the sport, isn’t too poor going at all.

The Hit

On the sure-fire end of the spectrum, there’s Alex Telles. Bought for £15 million from Porto, Telles’ 26 goals and 50 assists for his former side means trouble on the left, room for improvement, and on the more positive end of the bargain, a possible solution to the need that is Brandon Williams and a pressing need to learn from an experienced Champions League player.

Also, should the plan come together as hoped, Telles could indirectly be in line to solve a 7-year-old Man U problem in the persona of Patrice Evra’s failure to perform since 2013. And as for the worse-case scenario, Alex Telles could hardly turn out to be a bigger liability than Luke Shaw even if he tried.

The Future Investment

Amad Diallo, acquired from Atalanta for £20 million, is the human version of potentially having something saved up for a rainy day. Diallo is United’s not now, but maybe later buy of the season.

And in keeping with that same spirit, although acquired by Man U on deadline day, Diallo will only be free to join his new club in January next year.

Only 18 years old, and already a Serie A debut scorer, Amad Diallo is one of the most exiting prospects back home in Italy. Originally from the Ivory Coast, young Diallo may very well have what it takes to become a prominent United instalment in years to come.

The Flop

Edinson Cavani came free. The former Paris St. Germain player’s import definitely brings to the mind images of what football’s version of a decision-making twilight zone would look like.

With that having been said, Cavani’s isn’t technically a formal signing, per se. Instead, he’s a sort of trial-and-error short-term kind of deal – and a deal that will hopefully provide a boost to his new home’s frontline.

His £200k-per-week pay check will hopefully turn out to have been money well spent on a player still physically able to keep the Premier League pace. On the down-side, he may be free, but his weekly wages could possibly have filled at least a portion of the gap that would have proved problematic had United bitten the bullet and signed a defender instead.

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