Kieran Trippier Facing Ban Over Betting

October 15, 2020

- Bradley Stott

England football boss Gareth Southgate probably won’t think back on the past couple of weeks as some of his best ever. Not only did England suffer a terrible defeat at the hands of Denmark in their recent Nations League match-up – together with a Harry Maguire red card bonus – but they also had to make do without the talent of leading fullback Kieran Trippier.

That’s not even the worst of it yet, because if Trippier, who on Wednesday evening attended a Football Association disciplinary hearing to say his piece in his own defence related to the breaking of gambling and betting rules, is found guilty of having broken the rules, he could face a ban of up to six months.

Southgate probably kept himself fairly in check when he described the storm now circulating the full-back’s head as something of an unwanted distraction.

Trippier Says He’s Innocent

The charges raised against Trippier all relate to breaches allegedly committed during July last year – the same month, incidentally, that saw the fullback make a £20 million move from Tottenham to Atletico Madrid. Trippier has denied all allegations related to his having profited from bets placed either in person or from those wagered by other people.

Making matters even more tricky for Southgate and the team is Ben Chilwell’s recent forced withdrawal resulting from the breaching of government’s rule of six biosecurity condition. Chilwell is apparently also currently fighting off a minor illness.

Nothing To Be Done But Accept

When prodded about his feelings on the Kieran matter, Southgate’s answer seemed reflective of an attitude of making the best of a sorry situation – a thing of what’s done, is done. But try as he may have to hide his real feelings on the matter, the fact that he’s beginning to feel overwhelmed by what he described to be a million distractions was clear for all to see. Having no say in how disciplinary hearings turn out, said Southgate of Kieran’s predicament, trying to un-spill already spilt milk would be of no use to himself, the team, Kieran, or anyone else.

Southgate: Stop Criticising

As for Harry Maguire, his nightmare start of season, and the red card earned in England’s defeat at the hands of Denmark, Southgate has been acting and speaking in passionate defence of the defender.

Maguire got posted in the direction of an early bath during Wednesday’s match after making himself guilty of two stupendously clumsy challenges. What followed had been a second yellow card issued and an England side reduced to a playing ten. The red card obviously only further intensifies the raging media storm following the 27-year-old’s arrest in Greece during the post-season.

Southgate is however having none of the criticism flung in the direction of the Manchester United centre-back. According to the football boss, Maguire will come back even stronger than before once the dust has settled. Maguire’s luck will turn, said Southgate following the red-card incident against Denmark, it’s only that he’s going through a patch where everything seems to be going wrong.

He’ll Be Back Says Redknapp

Southgate’s sentiments are feelings nearly copy-cat echoed by Jamie Redknapp. Speaking at half-time during the England-Denmark match, Redknapp spoke of how easy it is for “everyone else” to rip into Maguire’s performance and character without actually realising the full scope of the nightmare the former Leicester player must be living right now.

The only thing that remains doing right now, so agree Redknapp and Southgate, is for the young player to be left in peace to work on regaining his game and his former confidence. Those making the comments really should know better, added the England football boss.

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Kieran Trippier Facing Ban Over Betting

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