Officials Stop Brazil Vs Argentina World Cup Qualifier

September 07, 2021

- Grant Whittington

There was major anticipation and excitement surrounding the match between two legendary national teams: Brazil and Argentina. They are currently ranked number one and number two in the regions qualifying standings. This match was highly anticipated after last year’s Copa America final, which Argentina won.

The match was unexpectedly interrupted in the 10th minute by officials from Brazil's ANVISA health authority to remove four of the Argentine players from the field. This was shocking for everyone and a bizarre and unheard of twist thrown into the game.

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What Went Down?

ANVISA claim that the four Argentine players in question had travelled from England to be present for this match, and in doing so without entering a quarantine period, were in direct violation of the country’s current health policy.

After the officials had burst onto the field and exchanged heated words with the team, the Argentine players promptly left the field and didn’t emerge again.

The match was suspended and at this stage it is unclear if it will be replayed or resumed, however, FIFA has said that further information will follow in due course.

The Argentinian head coach, Lionel Scaloni, felt that it was definitely not the moment to confront the team about the issue at hand. He went on to say that at no point had they been confronted about this issue prior to the game.

Even though Brazil’s team has nine players who reside in the UK they didn’t face the same restrictions and issues as the Argentinean team. The reason being that none of the Brazilian players had recently travelled to South America.

The Premier League announced last week that anyone travelling to or from high risk (red list) areas will face a 10 day quarantine period. The four Argentinian players allegedly did travel without adhering to this ruling and did not follow the instructions for quarantine.

What the Brazilian Federation Had to Say

The Brazilian Football Federation is determined to uphold the highest health standards. They said that they agree and comply fully with the protocols in place. They added that they were surprised by the timing of the of the ANVISA interference as the match had already started.

The CBF said that they felt like ANVISA had plenty of time to address this issue with the Argentinian team prior to the game. The CBF later added that at no time did they interfere in the health protocol or the enforcement thereof.

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