• Genre: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA)
  • Format: 5v5
  • Publisher: Riot Games

League of Legends has a monthly player amount in excess of 115 million, so it’s very understandable that Riot Games would want to take full advantage of its popularity. They’re doing this by releasing League of Legends: Wild Rift, essentially a mobile-friendly version of the original title. The fact that it’s such a huge hit with players the world over means it enjoys significant eSports betting options too. And although we’re still waiting on an exact release date, it is currently in the Open Beta phase on Android and iOS and we’re sure the wagering is going to blow up as soon as it becomes available.

What is LoL: Wild Rift™?

League of Legends: Wild Rift™ is an upcoming MOBA video eSports game developed for mobile devices. It is an abridged version of League of Legends, its PC counterpart. In this remake, players will still be controlling Champions with unique abilities and going into battle with teams of other players or units controlled by AI. The goal remains as the destruction of the Nexus belonging to the opposing team and your eSports betting will revolve largely around who can do this first!

Each match is distinct, with all Champions starting as relatively weak but gaining strength as players accumulate experience and items over the course of the game. Both the Champions and the Setting blend a variety of game genres, including High Fantasy, Lovecraftian Horror, and Steampunk. This is just some of what you need to know when it comes to eSports betting on this great game!

How the Game Works

Wild Rift™ will feature the same Ability system as its LoL PC counterpart, but with the addition of a mobile control layout. This means a dual control stick scheme, with the left moving the character and the right aiming abilities.

Many Champion skills have been modified to make them easier to control on touchscreen devices so Ashe’s Ultimate Enchanted Crystal Arrow can now be directed, instead of just flying in a straight line. Kill-shots over longer ranges will zoom the camera out to make it easier to reach enemies offscreen and auto-attacks and certain other skills will use a new computerised targeting system for Champions and Creeps alike. This will all have to be taken into account when eSports betting becomes more widely available.

Instead of matches lasting 25 to 50 minutes like they do in the original, Wild Rift™ will have them lasting just 15 to 18. It is also possible that ARAM-style game modes will reduce them even more eventually but the Wild Rift™ map has only been previewed at the moment.

LoL: Wild Rift™ Betting Options


eSports betting with some of the finest odds in the United Kingdom is always possible at Betway. Be sure to give this bookmaker a look when League of Legends: Wild Rift™ wagering is an option!

10 Bet

10Bet is perfect for bettors new to the eSports scene and their more seasoned counterparts. There’s something for everyone to enjoy at this sportsbook.


arcanebet has a large focus on eSports of all kinds so you can have some fun with other titles while you wait for Wild Rift™. This site has enough markets to suit even the most demanding bettor.


As the bookmaker to offer more tournament stage access when it comes to eSports than any other, GG.BET is the sportsbook to watch as we wait for Wild Rift™.


Pinnacle first opened its doors in 1998 and have been making sure UK bettors get what they’re looking for ever since. Sign up for an account here to experience the best possible eSports betting action.


The range of special offers you’ll find at Bethard will give your wagers with them the perfect boost. Having a little bit extra in your account allows you the kind of freedom most of us only dream about.

Betting Guide

We can expect dozens of betting markets to spring up when League of Legends: Wild Rift™ gets its footing. Until then, it’s common sense that they’ll roughly follow the PC counterpart, so it will be helpful to have a look at those eSports betting options to start with.

LoL Tournament stakes are very popular, and the sites we recommend will give you all the information you need to wager and win when the time is right. Match Winner, Correct Score, Handicap, and Maps Total Over/Under betting will all no doubt be possible for this eSports game. Other types we’re likely to see include First Team to Draw First Blood, First Team to Destroy a Turret, First Team to Kill a Dragon, and the like.

What to Know Before You Bet

Once you’ve familiarised yourself with what wagers you’ll likely be able to make, and we’ve covered which sportsbooks are likely your best bets, let’s cover helpful information before you dive right in when League of Legends: Wild Rift™ is finally open to the general public.

Our biggest tip is to actually spend some time playing the game. One of the biggest benefits of eSports betting compared to wagering on traditional sports is that there’s a very low barrier of entry when it comes to the hands-on gameplay experience. While it’s not all that likely that you’ll find enough people as interested as you are in a quick competitive Football match, you’ll be able to play League of Legends: Wild Rift™ anytime, especially seeing as it’s aimed at mobile users!

Make the most of this opportunity. It’s by far the best way to get the kind of understanding of strategy requirements and the kind of gameplay elements that count. It will certainly inform your wagers and will likely be very enjoyable as well.

It’s also important to pay very close attention to which Champion gets selected. You should research each one summoned in a match so that you know how their unique pros and cons will affect the pacing and outcome. This is especially vital when you’re eSports betting props since your knowledge will give you a lot of extra value.

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