Heroes of Newerth eSports Betting

  • Genre: Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA)
  • Format: 5×5
  • Publisher: S2 Games

Heroes of Newerth (HoN) may not be one of the most popular eSports games, but it is certainly a classic. Developed by S2 Games in 2010, HoN was the first official Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) title released by S2 Games.

Released in May 2010, the original version was designed for Windows, macOS and Linus operating systems as a paid game unit. Just over a year later in July 2011 it was re-released as a free-to-play title for the online gaming community with a few restrictions on characters and modes. By 2013, version 3.0 was released and it featured no restrictions, updated characters and bots. In May of 2015, the HoN development duties were handed over to Frostburn Studios.

As with Dota 2 and League of Legends (LoL), the origins of Heroes of Newerth stem from Warcraft III where the game was adapted from the custom map “Defence of the Ancients”.  As such you will find huge similarities between the three titles. HoN was the original MOBA game to enter the competitive electronic sports industry. With the Arrival of Dota 2 and League of Legends a few years later, it lost many of its players, becoming one of the fringe eSports games on the circuit. Today Heroes of Newerth is still played competitively, with top bookmakers online offering markets on leagues and games.

The Game Setup

Anyone familiar with League of Legends or Dota 2 will be well acquainted with the standard MOBA procedure. While HoN has multiple modes including co-op, public and mid-wars, for competitive matches ranked mode is used in a 5×5 format on the Forest of Caldavar Map. A standard match is played with 2 teams of 5 players each. Teams are split into the “Legion” and the “Hellbourne” which spawn at opposite areas of the map.

At the start of each new match there is a hero-picking phase. As with LoL or Dota 2, teams can pick from over 100 different characters with different abilities, strengths and weaknesses. With competitive eSport matches, teams can actively block certain heroes from being picked during this initial phase as part of their strategy. These characters fall into three main categories including Agility, Intelligence and Strength.

Characters and Characteristics

Agility heroes fulfil multiple roles including assisting others, escaping and fighting. Popular Agility options for Legion include Moon Queen, Engineer and Nomad. Hellbourne agility choices include Riptide Gunblade and Forsaken Archer.

The Intelligence category is less versatile, but are valuable in defeating bosses, confusing the enemy and boost defence. Popular intelligence picks for Legion include Pearl, Tempest and Witch Slayer. Hellbourne intelligence options include the characters like Hellbringer, Circe and Puppet Master.

Those that fall under Strength are used for their brute strength and ability to take on damage. They are mainly used for battles and defence. Some of the more popular Legion strength choices include Pandamonium, Flux and Solstice. For the opposing Hellbourne team, popular strength characters include Deadwood, Electrician and Devourer.

How a Match is Played

With HoN eSports, Heroes can also be picked according to attacking style which is split into Melee and Ranged. Strength heroes generally use a Melee attack while Intelligence and Agility use a range attack. Each player in a team controls one here, the aim being to create a balanced team with enough strength and agility to defeat their opponents.

The game starts with each team spawning on opposite sides of the map at a base. Each base contains a hero spawning pool, towers, barracks and the main central structure. The map contains three main lanes which lead directly to their enemy’s home base. In the beginning, all heroes are weak and need gold and experience to get stronger and level up. Experience is gained by seeing an enemy or neutral monster die from a close range. Gold is earned by killing enemy soldiers, heroes or bosses. As players gain XP points, they can level up to a maximum hero level of 25.

A team wins a match by successfully destroying their opponent’s central structure. The Legion main structure is called the “World Tree” while the Hellbourne main structure is called the “Sacrificial Shrine”. These structures are protected by defensive buildings and mechanisms. During the game, some characters can summon creatures or devices for attacks or defence.

HoN Betting Guide

While Heroes of Newerth is not as popular as some of the other MOBA releases, there are still plenty of eSport betting opportunities available. The official competitive circuit for HoN is the HoN Tour, which is a global competitive event involving multiple stages. Over 4000 teams enter the Tour and just over 100 make it through to the qualifiers. Of these, the top teams in each event then move on to the playoffs in where they play a best-of-three format. Only the top teams make it through to the HoN Finals and a chance to win over $100K in prizemoney.

Betting on Heroes of Newerth is very similar to Dota 2 and League of Legends. Bets can be split into Tournament and match wagers. Tournament bets are placed on the HoN Tour for the current season. The most popular bet is the outright winner where you are predicting the team to win the tournament outright and claim the grand prize. Other tournament bets include which teams will reach the finals, group winners and which group the winner will emerge from.

As with all eSports, bets can be placed on individual matches throughout the year. The match or win bet is popular where you simply predict which team will win the matchup. These are usually played as best-of-three or best-of-five format.  Prop markets are also available on some matches and can include the map winner, team to make the first kill, if the boss will be killed. It is also possible to bet on individual maps or how many maps will be needed for the match to be won.

Heroes of Newerth Betting Options

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