Dota 2 Online eSports Betting

  • Genre: Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA)
  • Format: 5v5
  • Publisher: Valve

Defence of the Ancients 2, or Dota 2 is fast becoming one of the most popular eSports betting markets in the UK and Europe. Despite being one of the most popular action/real-time strategy games in electronic sports, it requires highly innovative strategies, live-action skills and coordinated teamwork in order to win a match.

While it has similarities to League of Legends (LOL), it is widely considered to be more challenging, with more technical strategies and overall use of weapons and strengths. For those who are new to Dota 2 and would like to get in on the eSports betting action, here is what you need to know.

What is Dota 2?

Dota 2 is multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that was first developed and published by Valve Corporation back in July of 2013. It is essentially a standalone sequel to the already popular Defence of the Ancients MOBA game, which was created as a mod for Warcraft III. The original version was developed by the Warcraft community, but soon caught the attention of international developers and eSports teams.

The lead designer of the original mode (IceFrog) was then hired by Valve Corporation to create a sequel featuring enhanced graphics, modernised weapons, additional abilities and variable strategies. Development on the sequel began in 2009, and a beta version was tested for 2 years before the final product was released in 2013. Praised for is high production quality and rewarding gameplay, it became an instant classic with both the online community and professional gamers and teams.

Dota 2 Betting Options

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The Game Basics

As mentioned above, Dota 2 is a MOBA game that combines aspects Action Real Time Strategy (ARTS) movements. A competitive eSports betting match is played between 2 teams, each consisting of 5 players. As with League of Legends, each player in the team controls one hero or character. Heroes are separated into 3 different types. These include Intelligence Heroes, Agility Heroes and Strength Heroes. Each hero has his or her own style of play, ability and strength that they can use to enhance the team. If you are going to be betting on a match, it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the different characters and their abilities.

Strength heroes are often used for killing opponents and going into battle when meeting the opposing team. Popular strength characters include Earth Shaker, Tiny, Sven and Dragon Night. Agility heroes are mostly used for assisting in battle and escaping opponents. They are extremely versatile and popular with many teams. Popular agility characters include Mirana, Juggernaut, Luna, Bounty Hunter, Sniper and Templar Assassin.

Intelligence heroes may not have the strength for battle, but they can incredibly useful for support and carrying out the overall mission. Most teams will have at least 1 or 2 intelligence characters. Popular chosen characters include Wind Ranger, Tinker, Enchantress, Rubic and Chen. Each hero also has a particular role that they are built for. When looking up a character list, the role can be selected and can include a Carrier, Support, Pusher, Escape, Initiator, Durable, Disabler, Nuker and Jungler.

In any given Dota 2 eSports UK match, teams can choose one hero out of 113 possibilities to create the most durable, intelligent and reliable team to carry out their mission. As if this weren’t enough to think about, each hero can also carry six items from a selection of 123 to further enhance their abilities. The type of item chosen must compliment the character and be used in such a way as to give their team an advantage.

A Competitive Match

Unlike League of Legends, Dota 2 is played on the same map that is divided into 2 sides. At the upper end of the map is the Dire, while at the bottom is the Radiant. A team wins the game by being the first to destroy a large structure that is located in the heart of the opposing teams base. This is called the “Ancient”. Both defensive structures and opposing team members guard the structure. A match can be over rather quickly if the defensive strategies are lacking or the opposing team kills all their five heroes.

Betting Guide

As with many eSports UK markets, Dota 2 provides plenty of options for each match or tournament. For anyone just starting out, tournament, or outright betting, is a good place to start. Outright bets simply involve predicting which team will be win the tournament and hold the trophy. These wagers can be placed weeks or months in advance. Bets can also be placed on which teams will make it to the finals and which will be placed top-3. Another popular tournament wager involves predicting the winner of each group in the preliminary rounds. There is also the group of markets where you are predicting which group the winning team will emerge from.

Match Bets

A Dota 2 eSports match usually consists of a best of 3 (BO3) series setup with Best of 5 (BO5) matches played at larger tournaments. Match bets or money line wagers can be placed on a selected team to win the match outright, winning either 2 out of 3 rounds or 3 out of 5. Depending on how many map rounds are being played, it is also possible to place wagers on each map round within a match. This requires a lot more skill as many teams win the first map round but then lose the second and so on.

Prop Bets

In addition to standard match wagers, eSports betting sites also offer a full selection of prop wagers where individual statistics are used for the basis of the bet. If the match is particularly uneven, then handicap betting will take place where the bookmaker adds a virtual point handicap to the underdog. Prop wagers can also include things like first blood where you are predicting which team will execute the first kill. You can also bet on how the map round will end, which characters will be chosen and how many rounds it will take for a team to win. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details